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Lose power. Keep Business

B.O.B is a fully automatic emergency power storage system. B.O.B keeps your business working even when the power fails. The perfect size to provide power to critical appliances for small to medium businesses, Baintech’s Black-Out-Buster fires up in just 15 milliseconds, taking over so quickly that you’ll barely realise there’s been a power failure. And, more importantly, neither will your customers.

Who can use BOB?

BOB is suitable for small-medium businesses, who want to protect their data and business during a blackout. BOB is also great for market stands and events since it’s large battery bank ensures you get the power you need.

Small Businesses Professional Services Small Retial Shops
Medical Surgeries Veterinary Practices Cafes and takeaways

What can BOB Power?

BOB 1000


Suitable for home office business:
Power up to 800W. That’s enough for 2 PCs, server and EFTPOS machine. Loads are customisable to suit your needs.

BOB 2000


Suitable for small – medium business:
Power up to 1600W. That’s enough for 5 PCs, server, EFTPOS machine, phone/fax, and an inkjet printer. Loads are customisable to suit your needs.

BOB 3000


Suitable for medium businesses:
Power up to 2400W. That’s enough for 9 PCs, server, EFTPOS machine, phone/fax, and an inkjet printer.¬†Loads are customisable to suit your needs.

BOBLink1 BOBLink1 BOBLink1

What makes BOB so great?

B.O.B is fully automatic; it detects power failures and switches to off grid power in the blink of an eye. Fast, quiet, reliable, and affordable, B.O.B makes less noise than a generator, is more dependable than solar, and easier on your finances than the UPS equivalent. B.O.B is so seamless you don’t need to worry about flipping a switch – the changeover happens automatically.

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