Are you Prepared for storm season?

costper outageSevere storms can strike at any time. They are unpredictable and can cause major damage to property, severe flooding, and extensive power blackouts.

Almost every state in Australia falls victim to vicious storms at least once each storm season. SES and electricity repair services can be overwhelmed, leaving you without power for your critical appliances when you need it most.

For every 3 minutes your business is without power it can cost your business up to $2000 in lost sales, staff productivity and stock.

Being prepared can save your business, so follow our 3 simple steps to be ready when the storm strikes.


Follow these three steps to get prepared this storm season

  1. Create an emergency kit, including fresh water, a torch, food and a first aid kit for emergencies Learn more…
  2. Develop an emergency plan, ensure you have important contact numbers and information in an easy to find place and discuss posible scenarios with your team. Learn more…
  3. Prepare your business for power outages, by investing in a Baintech Black Out Buster. B.O.B is an emergency power back up system which can provide power to your critical appliances. Learn more…

Don’t forget to keep yourself posted on storm and other severe weather warnings by checking local news bulletins and the Bureau of Meteorology