Develop an Emergency Plan

Cyclones are incredibly violent storms that can damage your business through flooding, high winds and flying debris. Prior preparation and planning to help your business cope during and in the aftermath of a cyclone should make it easier for your business to minimise losses, maintain business continuity and recover quickly.Fill out the checklist below to find out how prepared you are for a cyclone or download our printable PDF version


Identify and assess the possible risks to your business from a cyclone
Prepare a plan on how you are going to continue business during a blackout
Become familiar with your community disaster plan
Find the best information channels for alerts and updates on the cyclone, and have a method on hand to access it (e.g.: a Baintech Black Out Buster connected to a radio, TV or PC with internet connection)
Create a list of current emergency phone numbers, including numbers for your local police, fire, ambulance, State Emergency Service, local council, gas and electricity companies, and staff contacts
Prepare an emergency kit

Prepare your staff

Discuss the situation with your staff
Allocate tasks for your staff to prepare the business for the cyclone
Ensure staff safety by sending them home when necessary
Invest in a Baintech Black Out Buster, ensuring that during a blackout your phones or mobiles have power so you can contact staff members in an emergency

Prepare your Stock and equipment

Ensure you have enough stock to supply your business and customers in the critical period after the event
Plan for where equipment and vehicles will be relocated and/or how they would be protected
Plan for the possibility of an extended power outage
Prepare your business with a Baintech Black Out Buster, which provides up to 12 hours of power for critical appliances
Arrange help from similar businesses in areas that are unlikely to be affected by the cyclone

Prepare your premises

Check that your building is in a sound condition
Trim any overhanging branches
Clear your property of any loose items that could blow about in high winds
Secure or brought inside any outdoor fixtures
Use a Baintech Black Out Buster to ensure that in the event of a blackout your business remains secure from looters
Treat your windows to minimise damage from debris (eg metal shutters, or taped windows to brace against damage)

Prepare your data

Back up your data, and secure them in a safe place?
Identify and prioritise your computer programs for ongoing business success (email, accounting, ordering applications) and secure the media (CDs/DVDs) and licences for these
Locate and pack your critical documentation (e.g. insurance, financial, legal and identification documents) in a portable waterproof container
Invest in a Baintech Black Out Buster, ensuring that in a black out your computers will stay powered giving you time to save, and back-up your data in an emergency


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