Prepare your business with B.O.B

Prepare For a cyclone with B.O.B

Cyclones and severe storms can cause massive amounts of destruction,  downing power lines, damaging buildings, flooding and causing road closures. After a cyclone or severe storm has hit, homes and businesses can be without power for days, or even weeks.
CycloneDamageSmall and local businesses are the cornerstone of a community and can provide essential services during and in the aftermath of a cyclone. Doctors, pharmacists, food services, grocery stores and other services provide a key role in ensuring a community keeps going. In the critical moment of a cyclone or severe storm power blackout, its important that your business stay up and running, ensuring that you can continue to do business and service the community.

With B.O.B connected to your business you can:

Stay Online with B.O.B
Stay online with your computer and server systems
Keep in touch with B.O.B
Keep in touch with your phone systems
Continue making sales with B.O.B
Continue making sales with your EFTPOS systems
Stay Secure with B.O.B
Stay secure from looters with your security systems
Keep out of the dark with B.O.B
Keep out of the dark with emergency Lighting
Continue Business with B.O.B
Continue business with other critical equipment

BOB diagram image

During a post-cyclone blackout, when the rebuilding process begins, having power to your business is essential to having the community up and running. You need to power your lights essential fridges, medication fridges, essential communication devices and computers to ensure you can continue to service your community.

Baintech’s black out buster can provide up to 12 hours of power to your essential appliances, such as your PC, Eftpos machine, important fridges and any other appliances; ensuring that you can continue working to support your community.

B.O.B is also suitable for use in the home, ensuring any essential devices, such as back-up lighting, computers and phones remained powered up so you can keep in touch with friends and family.

B.O.B is expertly designed to be feature packed and easy to use

fast and seamless
Fast and seamless
Automatic transition
and minimal data loss
no downtime
No down time
Reliable power for
six to 12+ hours
Business continues
even in a blackout
Suitable for a range
of businesses
No noisy or smelly
Safety for sensitive
electrical equipment

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