Stay Protected this Cyclone season

Part of being prepared for a cyclone is ensuring your business is secure. When a cyclone strikes, a blackout is sure to follow. Sure, you can just shut up shop head home and wait it out. But while you’re waiting out the storm or cleaning up the damage around your home, who’s watching your business?

Unfortunately some people take advantage of natural disasters for vandalism, looting and other criminal activity. Normally your security system; CCTV cameras, access control systems and intrusion control system, would deter or prevent these people from entering, but without power those systems could be compromised.

But With a Baintech Black Out Buster (B.O.B), you can keep your business secure during a power failure so you don’t have to worry about your business while taking care of more important things. Not to mention BOB can also run your PC ensuring you don’t lose any data. Baintech’s Black-Out-Buster provides up to 12 hours of power, and the transfer from mains power to B.O.B power is so quick that there is no down time, no switch to flip and no data loss. BOB will give businesses the power they need to continue supporting local communities during blackouts and natural disasters.

Cyclone season in Australia starts in November and ends in April

During this season Australia experiences and average of 11 cyclones. A cyclone can cause millions of dollars in damage, and leave businesses and homes without power for days, even weeks. Follow these simple steps to prepare for Australian Cyclone season.