As a farmer you know how essential every second of work is to your daily life on the farm. With more storms you may be experiencing more and more power failures. How will your farm fair without power?

Every minute your farm is without power you lose money. You need power for your security and monitoring systems, your power equipment such as grinders and welders, not to mention your office equipment and emergency lighting. When the power fails it means your farm comes to a stop meaning you’ll lose not just time but productivity and therefore money.

Keep your farm going with Baintech’s new and innovative Black Out Buster. B.O.B provides emergency power to critical appliances for 6 to 12+ hours. B.O.B stores power in the batteries while mains power is up, then when a power failure occurs B.O.B detects the power outage and switches on in less than 15 milliseconds and transforms battery power to mains power. With B.O.B you can continue farming when the power goes down.

B.O.B is fully automatic; it detects power failures and switches to off grid power in the blink of an eye. Fast, quiet, reliable, and affordable, B.O.B makes less noise than a generator, is more dependable than solar, and easier on your finances than the UPS equivalent. B.O.B is so seamless you don’t even need to worry about flipping a switch – the changeover happens automatically.

Don’t wait until a black out stops you from getting your work done; watch our video to see how B.O.B can help you continue farming!