Queensland Floods

In the wake of ex-cyclone Oswald, more than 287,000 properties were without power in southeast Queensland. Not only could this have cost local businesses thousands of dollars in lost stock, data, employee productivity and sales, but during a natural disaster, local businesses play an essential role in supporting the town with its products and services.

It’s hard to watch the recent events unfold on the news and not have sympathy for anyone affected by this disaster, so here at Bainbridge Technologies we have used our 25 years of power systems expertise to develop a product which can help businesses to continue supporting their communities during a black out.

B.O.B the Baintech Black Out Buster, was first conceived by Michael Tyrrell our Managing Director during the 2011 floods, when his home and many of his friends’ homes were partially submerged. Add to that extended blackouts which made it difficult for both businesses and consumers, and Michael saw the need for an emergency power back-up system which was user friendly and could be used to help businesses support the community during massive black outs.

B.O.B is a fully automatic emergency power storage system. B.O.B keeps businesses going in times of massive power failure. Baintech’s Black-Out-Buster provide 6-12 hours of power, and the transfer from mains power to B.O.B power is so quick that there is no down time, no switch to flip and no data loss.

  • 15 millisecond transfer time – no down time or data loss
  • Status indicators – shows the status of BOB as well as load and SOC
  • 4, 8 or 10 power points – lets businesses plug in the appliances they need
  • Two-year warranty – gives confidence that BOB will work when needed

BOB will give businesses the power they need to continue supporting local communities during black outs.

3 Reasons to Stock a Baintech Black out Buster
1. Brand new product in a growing market. In the wake of ex-cyclone Oswald there will be an increased demand for black out risk management tools such as B.O.B
2. Comprehensive educational and marketing support. With instructional videos, booklets, and in store training, ads, editorials, brochures, DVDs, and a dedicated website.
3. 25 years power systems expertise. As the Power Systems Experts Bainbridge Technologies ensures all our products are built reliably and safely.

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